C73-745-L | 1-5/8 in. STEEL WELD BUNG, 1 in. TALL


1-5/8 in. STEEL WELD BUNG, 1 in. TALL

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1-1/4-12 Straight Thread
1-1/2 in. Outside Diameter Bung
1 in. Bung Height

Fits 1-5/8 in. Easy Turn Fill Caps

Made in the USA

Built-in features and extra height

There are several options listed here to meet your unique application; those that are taller aren't available in complete assemblies (only offered by themselves), requiring a signature Pro-werks Easy Turn Fill Cap to be purchased separately to build a complete package.

You’ll appreciate the stepped shoulder in the base of the bung - it serves as a positioning locator during the fabrication process.

Precision machined of weld-able Mild steel, and sized properly for the "radially squeezed" O-ring standard of the Pro-werks Easy Turn Fill Cap.

Note: Welding should always be performed by a qualified welder.

The bolt-on style bung selection is also available, and do not require welding; select anodized colors are available and include mounting hardware - so you won't need to run all over town looking for it!

Great caps. Great colors.

These bungs utilize the popular non-vented Easy Turn Fill Caps that are available variety of Pro-Werks Brilliance anodized colors or beautifully Micro-polished aluminum finish - the finishes are impeccable.

The right size matters.

Easy Turn Fill Caps come in many sizes and are packaged as complete assemblies with your choice of one of the many versatile mounting options, or each component is also available separately.

Be sure to check out the entire line up - Billet aluminum Easy Turn Fill Caps are a Pro-Werks specialty.   Watch the Video below to learn more !

Both the Cap and Bung are precision CNC machined from billet aluminum, right here in the USA.

Finish Your Tank

We also offer a full line of weld-in plumbing bungs to complete your tank project.

Click the images below to view all the options.



How do I weld my bung properly?


It is a good practice to apply several small, equally spaced tacks to minimize the potential for distortion. The bung should also be preheated and the weld should be kept small to reduce natural weld shrinkage.



The cap won't fit after welding my bung. How do I fix this?


Minor distortion of the bung from improper welding can often be addressed by applying a small amount of fine grit lapping compound to the cap threads and turning the cap back and forth in the bung to resize the threads. Do not force the process, be patient and thoroughly clean both sets of threads after the desired fit is achieved.


Steel Weld-In Bung: C73-745-L
Outised Diameter: 1.5 in.
Thread: 1-1/4-12
Height: 1.0 in.
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