Weld-in Plumbing Bungs

Steel or Aluminum. Choose your gender.

Weld-In Plumbing Bungs
Fits Tube Size
(OD x Wall Thickness)
Pack of (1)Bag of (20)
Female Aluminum NPT Thread 
1/16"5/8" ODC73-669C73-669-20
1/8"3/4" ODC73-670C73-670-20
1/4"7/8" ODC73-671C73-671-20
3/8"78" ODC73-672C73-672-20
1/2"1-3/16" ODC73-673C73-673-20
3/4"1-3/8" ODC73-674C73-674-20
Female Steel NPT Thread
1/16"5/8" ODC73-679C73-679-20
1/8"3/4" ODC73-680C73-680-20
1/4"7/8" ODC73-681C73-681-20
3/8"78" ODC73-682C73-682-20
1/2"1-3/16" ODC73-683C73-683-20
Male Aluminum AN Thread 
-43/4” OD X .058”C73-630C73-630-20
-67/8” OD X .058”C73-631C73-631-20
-81” OD X .058”C73-632C73-632-20
-101-1/8” OD X .058"C73-633C73-633-20
-121-3/8” OD X .058"C73-634C73-634-20
-161-5/8” OD X .058"C73-635C73-635-20
Male Steel AN Thread 
-43/4” OD X .058”C73-640C73-640-20
-67/8” OD X .058”C73-641C73-641-20
-81” OD X .058”C73-642C73-642-20
-101-1/8” OD X .058"C73-643C73-643-20
-121-3/8” OD X .058"C73-644C73-644-20
-161-5/8” OD X .058"C73-645C73-645-20
Female Aluminum AN Thread
-43/4” ODC73-650C73-650-20
-67/8” ODC73-651C73-651-20
-81” ODC73-652C73-652-20
-101-1/8” ODC73-653C73-653-20
-121-3/8” ODC73-654C73-654-20
-161-5/8” ODC73-655C73-655-20
Female Steel AN Thread
-43/4" ODC73-660C73-660-20
-67/8" ODC73-661C73-661-20
-81-1/8" ODC73-662C73-662-20
-101-1/4" ODC73-663C73-663-20
-121-1/2" ODC73-664C73-664-20
-161-3/4" ODC73-665C73-665-20

Weld-In Bungs


Get the best Bung for your buck!

Pro-Werks Weld-in plumbing Bungs are available in weld-able 6061-t6 aluminum or mild steel, produced on the same machining centers responsible for so many of our precision parts. Male and Female – both a perfect fit with brilliant finishes to make a difference in function and the look of a car.

Popular weld bung uses:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Dry Sump tanks
  • Valve cover venting
  • Oil pans

Make things easy by ordering the best bungs available – by Pro-Werks.

Buying a bunch?  Look at our convenient bulk bags of 20 pieces.

Note: Welding should always be performed by a qualified welder.

Crafted right here in the USA.