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Stiletto Steering Second to None

Stiletto Steering Systems – Second to None

Over fifty years ago, a legend was born.
Stiletto Steering Systems destiny; to become the industry standard in race car steering systems. Stiletto rack and pinion steering boxes are fulfilling that call, and has earned the gold standard - the benchmark of driving control.

The wide selection of purpose-built Stiletto steering boxes are known for their smooth "Swiss watch" movement, ease of use and unparalleled durability.

Stiletto has been the trusted choice of Champions for over fifty years.

We’re not going to tell you how it works, or all the finite steps required to produce a product of this caliber - just know that Stiletto Steering Systems continues to win more races than any other and brings drivers home for the next pass.

So if you are looking for the smoothest operating, safest, most proven steering rack and components available, you are in the right place. Expect nothing less than near perfection from the team at Pro-Werks.

Built with out compromise in the USA.

Customer Comments:

"All of my previous projects had Stiletto rack and pinions, and I'm going to replace the Vega steering box with a Stiletto in the Slim Stang for better handling."
             Frank Dragotta, Experienced Nostalgia Racer
                     and Owner/Driver of Slim Stang

"I'd just say that the Stiletto Racks are darn near bullet proof. They take some very hard hits and continue to give long lasting quality service."
             Darrell Lewis of NXS Motorsports

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