Compassion Drives Innovation

After many years of building record-setting race cars and experiencing firsthand the need for better components to complete great builds, our founder, Stu Spears, made the commitment to develop and produce a superior line of products. And Pro-werks was born. The mission: Innovate and make improvements where needed that benefit both professional builders and competitors by incorporating the latest advancements in technology with new intelligent designs.

The name Pro-werks was selected to signify professionally crafted products "Pro" for the hi-tech shops "Werks" that use them. Internally this name also serves as a guidepost for our company’s direction. Our Pro-werks team is relentless about maintaining the lead by introducing and producing the world’s best line up of performance products. Over the past two decades the Pro-werks family of products has continued to grow.

A Track Record of Success

Initially racers and builders pushed for solutions to solve their problems. We developed those solutions and the business grew. As racing evolved and the sanctioning bodies increased regulations to make racing safer, we designed new products to meet those ever-changing demands.

When NASCAR updated their rules requiring a dramatically better bottle-mounting system for on-board fire suppression systems, Pro-werks answered the call. Our full-circle bottle-mounting design exceeded expectations and quickly became the industry standard. Pro-werks is now a household name in Mooresville, NC, the center of the NASCAR universe.

As our signature Easy-Turn fill caps grew in popularity, they quickly became recognized as a superior product. We built on that success by introducing a series of bolt-on replacements for the problematic flip-style caps found on most fuel cells. Today, Pro-werks Easy-Turn fill caps are available in many mounting configurations for every type of application.

For most companies, that might be enough. But behind the scenes, a push was already well underway for the introduction of yet another Pro-werks superior product – the Silver Jacket Ultimate cable. While using cables for push-pull motion transfer has been around for a long time, Pro-werks redefined motion transfer efficiency with a better design.

The complete family of Silver Jacket cables was launched in 2011. Their performance and durability make them the only option for any high-end motorsport build. Just ask your favorite professional race car builder which cabling system they use. Chances are they dress their cars in a Silver Jacket.

Growth from Outside

As Pro-werks grew, we continued to forge strategic alliances throughout the racing industry. In doing so we got to know the other companies that were the absolute best in their areas of expertise. One of those significant partnerships was with Stiletto Steering, the pioneers of the popular Stiletto Steering rack – the standard in drag racing.

Since the 1970’s, Stiletto’s design and unmatched quality have made it the steering rack of choice for racers throughout the NHRA ranks and many other racing venues. Look closely at winning drag cars and you will find a Stiletto Steering rack. In fact, Stiletto Steering racks are found in many different types of high performance vehicles around the world.

When it was time to pass the torch, the transition of Stiletto Steering into the capable hands of the Pro-werks team was the right decision. Since 2012, we’ve built every Stiletto Steering box here in Mears, Michigan while maintaining and steadily increasing the high standards of manufacturing and performance that have earned Stiletto the industry’s respect and trust for decades.

Adding Stiletto Steering to the Pro-werks family has been a natural compliment, driving us to even higher levels. Implementing the latest machining technologies and refining the best production practices has increased the precision of all of our products.

Commitment to American Manufacturing

Building our signature products right here in the USA is critical to ensure quality. We take great pride in growing the talents in all our associates. Our employees are accomplished and happy; which makes them better at what they do. And keeping the work here at home is important to all of us.

What's Next for Pro-werks?

We're developing new products. We can’t share those now – stay tuned. But we can share that our story is one of constant improvement from processes to  people as our production facilities continue to evolve and upgrade.

"Thank you for selecting our innovative products. Your continued support is paramount to our ability to deliver the world's best."

Stuart Spears, Founder