Control Levers

Smooth edges. Beautiful finishes.

Control Levers
Grip Color:PolishedRedBlueBlack
18" Length   
1/4" ThicknessC42-512C42-514C42-516C42-517
5/16" ThicknessC42-552C42-554C42-556C42-557
20" Length  
5/16" ThicknessC42-562C42-564C42-566C42-567
22" Length  
5/16" ThicknessC42-632C42-634C42-636C42-637

Smart design. Great choices.

Handle your business in style with the best-engineered Control levers on the planet. Extra attention to the simplest of important details have been incorporated in this design - the smooth radius edges eliminate sharp corners for added driver safety.

Pro-werks’ control levers are strong, light, great-looking, and the standard for many if the nations top car builders.

Fit and finish is the name of the game - these levers are no exception.

U.S.- melt aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum is precision machined in our MAZAK machining centers, this material can be formed if slight bend is needed to fit in a tight cockpit.

The lever is micro polished aluminum finished and the grip color choices include; brilliance anodized black, red, blue, and our micro-polished aluminum finish.

These grips are contoured to feel great in your hand, and feature hidden lightening pockets for additional weight savings.

Great grips. Great colors.

Pro-werks control levers are available several sizes, so you’ll be sure to find the right fit for your cockpit. While the most popular use is as a Hand Brake lever, we've seen them installed in many different applications.

Popular uses for Control Levers include:

  • Hand Brakes
  • Shifters
  • Reversers
  • Suicide Lever
  • Steering Brakes

When it’s time to shut down your ride, we also offer purpose-built chute and shut off levers. Just the right size and shape to fit your hand and the lever as it should. Give it a squeeze and make the end of your race as safe and enjoyable as the start.

Lever on Lever :

The ideal add-on to a Pro-werks Control Lever when you need to also manage either a shut off valve or chute release. This precision CNC machined billet aluminum lever is beautifully micro polished, and matches the grip contour like a glove.

Be sure to check out our other specialty levers also.

Proudly Made in Mears, Michigan - USA.