C42-510 | CHUTE / FUEL LEVERCHUTE / FUEL LEVERChute Level Shown With Cable Assembly



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5 in. Long
3/16 in. Thick
3/16 in. Diameter Holes

CNC machined of Billet Aluminum
Vibratory satin finish

Made in the USA

This universal aluminum lever measures 5" long by 3/16" thick, has two 3/16" diameter holes, and has a Satin Vibratory finish. Popular uses include activating Parachutes, Fuel Shut off valves and Fire Systems.

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Our complete Cable Hardware selection includes Clamps, Cable Ends, Knobs and Handles.

Chute/Shut-Off Lever: C42-510
Hole Diameter: 0.188 in. 2 Places
Center To Center: 2.438 in.
Length: 5.0 in.
Thickness: 0.188 in.
Overall Length: 5.75 in.
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